Анастасия Ушакова
Анастасия Ушакова
08:08 22 Jul 17
Hi there! Just wanted to say a couple of nice words to the tutors & staff of the Acepace college! I've passed my theory & OSCE with first attempt!!! Am very delighted! All tutors are nicely demanding! Do know their onions! Helpful with ROe! Right place to do your dental nurse studying!
Frusina Raluca
Frusina Raluca
12:38 25 Jul 17
AcePace is the best place to achieve your goals. Here no one is forcing you to be THE BEST..they will simply explain to you that each lesson you attend, will be in your best'll see later... The Free and payable OSCE SESSIONS are a blessing that many students came to train with us, from another College's! Specially I would like to THANK to Dr.Rashmi which has the GIFT of teaching, like no one else in that building 🤗! San is another person who supported me kindly, when I was not at my highest point 🤗.Dentistry is an hard profession which demand a lot....specially in London. You may have the skills but you also need the Right Guidance for it!! ARE YOU READY !!??!!A. PACE T. & PEACE 👍R. STE F. ♡
Beatriz Peña Martín
Beatriz Peña Martín
13:18 12 Jul 17
Acepace Training is a great center! The admin team is very helpful . They answer our emails very fast and are working towards find us vacancies in dental practices. The teacher is highly engaging and makes learning a pleasure. I recomend Acepace to anyone thinking about becoming dental nurse 😊
Darja Gusseva
Darja Gusseva
06:05 22 Jul 17
Don't see any point of going to these classes. You won't learn anything at least with tutor Hannah ! Just felt like coming there every Saturday morning just to watch 'singing dentist' and listen stories from her life. So annoying. Literally was falling asleep on her classes. Basically what u need is to buy a book 'Questions and answers' - this is ur success if u want to pass theory exam. And for osce u need to practice in ur surgery. And then u will pass all exams! But the admin staff was always helpful. If I had any questions always had an answer in 1working day or a few hours by email. But tutor Hannah - zero stars!
Clare O Leary
Clare O Leary
16:56 21 Jul 17
Hannah and rashmead(not sure that's spelt correctly)my tutors were so helpful.I managed to pass both exams the first time around.Thank you ace pace!money well spent!
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“I was a student at Acepace and I am pleased with my results as I passed my exams and now can be registered with GDC. I would recommend AcePace training if you are interested to become a Dental Nurse. My teacher Rashmi was always helpful, but it mostly depends on how you prepare for lessons. You will get proper presentation and materials from the training centre to help you with what you need to learnI would recommend  AcePace training

Oksana Cyhanukova – Qualified in 2014

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Rashmi and her team for their high level of commitment given to me so I could pass my exams. Having come from a finance background, studying dental nursing has been a smooth transition. With great learning materials, in class and out of hours support was given to me throughout the year. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wishes to pass first time like myself. I am really glad I chose this AcePace… Was worth it! Thanks again”

Shakqoor Shaleel – Qualified in 2014

Thank you again for your time and effort you have put in us!!! 🙂 I really enjoyed your classes! 🙂 I think you have prepared us well for both the written and OSCE !!! Please feel free to forward this letter to anybody 🙂

Zlatina Karaulanova – Qualified in 2014

“I am glad, I have joined acepace training for national diploma in dental nursing, they really made sure that we all pass, thanks tutor for all your weekend and evening. I am also quite impressed with their recruitment team.
Thanks and good luck.”

Judit Vaz – Qualified in 2014

“Thank you to ace pace for helping me along the way to qualify as a dental nurse. Rashmi was particularly helpful and guided us with revison for the OSCE exam, the colleges mock and revision classes were really useful so I would highly recommend them to anyone sitting the exam.I would happily recommend ace pace to anyone who is looking for a dental nursing course. Thank you.”

Cherise Goode – Qualified in 2015

“I would like to thank all the team of the admin in AcePace Training specially Admin and AcePace recruitment team to help me to find a dental clinic practice to practice there as a trainee dental nurse which I struggle for long time to find one place!!!, I appreciate their time and assistance! 

I would like also to tell all the candidate in this course do not give up!!! You will find a place to practice! You just need to be update with the emails, CV and your contact details to let the team in the admin to contact you if any opportunity /chance to find a job for you immediately!!

Kind Regards,”

Dina Mohammed – Qualified in 2015

“I’d like to thank Dr Rashmi for all her hard work and support during my time at AcePace Training. During this course, i had a lot of obstacles along the way, and she encouraged me to continue. I am so pleased that I have passed my OSCE exam at my first attempt. Thanks for all your help :)”

Michaela Dehaney – Qualified in 2016