What is the duration of the National Diploma in Dental Nursing?

This training programme is for 12 months.

How soon can I apply to work as a Trainee Dental nurse?

As soon as you enroll and register with an accrediting body for Diploma in Dental Nursing,  you can apply for the available positions. However, your tutor will advise you to wait until you have attended one or two sessions to get familiar with the theory of dental nursing topics.

What are the requirements for National Diploma in Dental Nursing?

We are required to screen all our candidates will have to take part in  a basic literacy  test and a short interview, therefore candidates are invited for an assessment to enrol onto the course. You will also have to be a citizen or living in the UK, EU or hold ILR student visa.

Must be working in a dental practice.

Is there a time limit in starting placement?

Yes, within 2/3 months you will have to start working to be able to complete your eRoE within the deadline given to your specified learning batch, and to prepare for the exams.

Is it necessary for me to work as a Trainee Dental Nurse and what is the minimum hours required?

Yes, it is necessary for you to work as a Trainee to gain practical experience and to complete your e-RoE (electronic- Record of Experience) portfolio. This is essential for you to complete so that you can sit the exams the following year. The minimum hours you are required to work is 10-14 hrs a week so that you are able to complete your RoE.

Is there job/placement guarantee?

No, as a training and recruitment institute, we do not guarantee any jobs/placements. However, we do have an in-house recruitment team that can help you build your CV and your profile to accommodate the requirements for the positions. We support our students with mock interview workshops or one-to-one sessions. While, vacancies do arise from partnering practices and clinics all over London we inform our students for interviews.

How long will it take for me to find placement?

It depends on the individual, in average our students find placement 2-3 months after starting this course.

If I am not able to pass my exams in my first attempt what options will I have?

You will be given a choice to re-join the course or to re-sit the exams.

If I am not able to finish my RoE within the deadline can I still sit the exams?

If a student has not finished their RoE on time, they can re-join for RoE support to work towards the next deadline for the RoE and will sit the exam in the following months. There are two available dates for the exams, November and April therefore, depending on when the student is able to fully complete their portfolio they can sit the exams twice a year.

What exams do I have to take as part of the course?

There are two parts of the exams that is required for you to pass your National Diploma after completing your RoE portfolio. The first part consist of written exam which you will need to pass to get to the next phase. The second part is the practical OSCE exam. We provide extra mock OSCE sessions for our students to help them prepare better and with more confidence.

What other qualifications and trainings will I need to qualify as a Dental Nurse?

You will require to complete CPR and/or Basic Life Support (BLS) training. We give discounts to all our registered students.

Can I apply for the job vacancies as an outside student?

Unfortunately, no, we only help our registered students to find placements and employment.

How much is the course?

  • Course Fee: GBP 1299.00 (this excludes candidate registration/RoE application fee & examination fee).
  • Course Booking Fee: GBP 299.00 (part of total fee).
  • Interest free instalment plans available. £299 Deposit followed by 6 Monthly instalments of £230.00 per month.
  • For more information on exam pattern and exam schedule/fee please visit nebdn.org.
  • Introduction to Dental Nursing (2-day course) is free with this course worth £100.00 (inc VAT)
  • Interview and personality development workshop (1-day course) is free with NDIDN worth £125.00 (Inc VAT)
  • Course Material: Textbook and timetable for Dental Nurses will be provided on the first day of the course.
  • Exam fee – £485 will be charged at the point of candidate registration with NEBDN + Admin fee of £100.00

Can I get support outside of class hours?

Yes, once you enrol to the course you will be provided with your tutors email address and can contact them directly with enquiries and questions during out of hours.

What is the qualification process?

  1. After successfully enrolling to the course you are expected to have a minimum of 80% attendance.
  2. You will also need to begin your placement within 2/3 months of starting the course and should work towards completing your RoE.
  3. Once you have successfully completed your RoE with the help of your supervising dentist and your tutor. You start preparing the forms to sit the two-part exams (written & OSCE) for November or April.
  4. You are required to sit the written exam first and after successfully passing this first phase you can sit the OSCE.
  5. After successfully passing these three stages of RoE portfolio, written exam and OSCE you will become a qualified Dental Nurse and can apply for your GDC number.