NEBDN Dental Nurse Exam Revision & Mock Session

Revision and mock session available for the (NEBDN) National Diploma in Dental Nursing Exam.
For unqualified trainee dental nurses aiming to take the NEBDN National Examination this April 2020 and Jun 2020.

A revision/Mock exam day to help dental nurses pass is available for external students only, and is at a cost of £85. Current students will get their mock revision included within their course.
Do you feel you need a little extra help to pass the NEBDN National Diploma Examination? During this course, you will get the individual attention you require and tips for success!

Revision Class Dates

September 2020 – (dates and time TBC)
October 2020 – (dates and time TBC)

Sunday Morning or Afternoon

Bring a list of all questions with you as all parts of the National examination will be covered. There will be ample opportunity to be guided by very experienced National Diploma Examiners, who are kind and understanding. We will outline the syllabus and format for the NEBDN examination and how the examination is organised throughout the UK. After the revision session, your mock exam will replicate the actual NEBDN exam and environment.

Entry Requirements: To be able to apply you need to complete a course leading to the NEBDN National Diploma Examination.

Fees: £85 Inc VAT./per student/per session.

Hours: Saturday Afternoon (5 hour session)