1. Deposits are non-refundable and will contribute towards the course fee. Deposits of £299 will secure a position on the course.
    2. The full course fees are expected to be paid 10 calendar days prior to the course start date. Failure to complete payment by this time will result in forfeiture of the deposit.
    3. Candidates may speak with the Registration Office if alternate arrangements for payment are necessary. All cases will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and all decisions made by the Registration Office will be final. Failing to make payments as scheduled will result in forfeiture of all payments made.
    4. Failing to attend the course for any reason, except the unlikely event the course being cancelled by us, will not entitle the Candidate to access to a course at a later date nor to refunds of the course fees or deposits paid to us.
    5. In the event of the course being cancelled by us, all Candidates will be given alternate course dates, subject to availability.
    6. Candidates will not be accepted if they have not completed payments by the course start date.
    7. Change of course date is accepted if:
      1. Full payment for the course has been received, or instalment plan has been agreed.
      2. A written notice is received 10 calendar days prior to the course start date.
      3. The Candidate has not changed date previously.
    8. Course fees will not be refunded if the course is interrupted or cancelled due to an act of God or terrorist act.
    9. All course fees & deposits paid are non-transferable.
    1. All Candidates are required to have 100% attendance for all theory classes, practical sessions and assessments; as all classes build on previous knowledge provided, any absences will result in immediate expulsion from the course.
    2. Classes will begin promptly at the published times regardless of whether all Candidates are present.
    3. Latecomers may be requested to wait outside until a suitable break in teaching before entering a class. Teachers are not responsible for repeating missed work.
    4. Class hours may be varied at the Training Centre’s discretion, without prior notice.
    5. Paying and attending a course fully does not guarantee or qualification, diploma or certificate of achievement. Awards of Achievement are gained by successfully completing all assessments, marked by various awarding bodies.
    6. Time off for any reason is not recommended. If any unavoidable absences’, such as medical appointments, Weddings, Holidays (religious or otherwise) etc, are likely to occur during the course they must be discussed and agreed with the Registration Office before application.
    1. Video cameras are not permitted during the course due to health and safety and copyright infringement. Audio recording equipment may be permitted by specific arrangements.
    2. We may share your data with third parties who provide services on our behalf. All our third part service providers are required to take appropriate security measures to protect your date in line with our policies.
    3. All Candidates are required to dress smartly i.e. shirt/blouse, trousers/skirts. During practical sessions, Candidates will be provided with white tunics. Hair is to be kept neat and tied up during practical work.
    4. All the below are Excluded in your fees unless it says otherwise in your enrolment documents.
  • Fees
  • Workbooks
  • Presentations
  • Assessment
  • VAT
  • Tunic
  • Lunch
  • Tea & Coffee
  1. Transferring Courses
    1. Transferring start dates or transferring between courses will be subject to a transfer fee of £125.00 for courses under £500.00 or £200.00 for courses over £500.00.
    2. Any transfers which are requested due to illness must be supported by a medical certificate.
    3. If you choose to transfer the start date or transfer between courses and your course was originally offered to you at a discounted price, you will be required to pay the difference to the full course price.
    4. The choice of course date must be specified at the time of transfer (else the instruction will be considered a cancellation)


  1. Course dates and venues
    1. TWLC Ltd & AcePace Training reserves the right to alter course dates and venues without liability.
    2. In the event of a cancellation where an alternative cannot be provided in respect of that course a full refund will be offered.
    3. TWLC Limited & AcePace Training will not reimburse travel or accommodation expenses. TWLC Limited & AcePace Training are not able to offer refunds for cancellations outside our control, including adverse weather conditions, flooding or industrial action.
    4. TWLC Limited & AcePace Training reserves the right to alter its course content and/or trainer to their discretion.
    5. Therapists completing an ‘upskill course’ will have 3 months to achieve their qualification.
    6. Students have 6 months from their last date of training to complete all elements of their qualification, including assessments, assignments and online exams. Failure to do so will result in a fee of 225.00 + VAT to complete outstanding assessments within the academy.
    7. Learners on the Level 3 A&P will have 6 months to complete their qualification from the date they receive their textbook and workbook. Failure to do so will result in a fee of £125 + VAT.
    8. Students on the Career change package will have 12 months to complete both the Level 3 A&P and the Level 4 Laser and IPL qualifications. Failure to do so will result in a fee of £325 + VAT.


  1. Sickness & Absences
    1. 100% attendance in required for all courses.
    2.Students must contact the tutor directly if not attending a lesson.
    3. If a student misses a lesson, a fee of £175.00 + VAT per day will be charged to catch up. Catch up sessions will be arranged on a separate day to the regular course sessions.
    4. Non-attendance of lessons due to sickness must be supported by a doctor’s note.
  1. Packages (Career Change Option)
    1. A deposit for each course must be received by TWLC Ltd & AcePace Training at the point of booking.
    2. The total balance will then be due 10 calendar days before the start date of the first course.
    3. Course dates must be secure at the point of booking and cannot be changed.
    4. All courses must take place within 6 months of the booking confirmation.
    5. Transferring start dates or transferring between courses will be subject to a transfer fee of £125.00 for courses under £500.00 or £200.00 for courses over £500.00.
    6. Two or more courses must be booked as a package in order for a package “career change option’ to be applied.
    7. Any change to the course package after booking will result in the package (career change option) discount being revoked.
  1. Course notes and training

All course notes and teaching resources remain the property of AcePace Training & TWLC Limited cannot be relied upon for legal interpretation.

  1. Models

If you are returning to the academy to carry out a practical assessment you will be required to bring a model. This also applies to some of our short courses and courses with an odd number of students. Plenty of notice will be given if a model is required.

  1. Assessments
    1. General assessment sessions for individual courses or catch up assessments run 2 Sundays per month. Assessments must be booked via the office.
    2. You must make yourself available for requested IQA & EQA visits as any missed IQA assessment sessions will be charged at £205.00 + VAT & missed EQA assessment session will be charged at £245.00 + VAT.
    3. If cancelling an assessment, either practical or theory, a minimum of 48 hours notice must be provided
    4. Any missed assessment sessions will be charged at £205.00 + VAT
    5. Any re-booked assessment sessions will be charged at £205.00 + VAT
    6. Additional assessment sessions will be charged at £205.00 + VAT
    7. Students must arrive 30 minutes prior to assessment to prepare work area.
    8. Students must arrange to bring a client for assessment purposes.
    9. Students must bring all relevant paperwork to assessment – portfolio / VTCT assessment book etc.
    10. Additional assessment due to failed assessment sessions will be charged at £205.00 + VAT
    11. Re-sits for Upskill to Qualifications will be charged at £55.00 + VAT per session
    12. A&P (Level 3) Learners are permitted to re – sit each assessment test twice more either because they failed or to improve their grade. This will cost £75 Plus VAT per assessment attempt and AcePace need 48 hours notice before the next attempt.
  1. Late Completion
    1. Portfolios must be completed within 6 months from the last date training date – assessment sessions, external exams and marking after this time will be at extra cost.
    2. Portfolio Marking is charged at £40.00 + VAT per hour
    3. Assessments Sessions and External Exams are charged at £205.00 + VAT per day
    4. If completing a qualification up-skill a 3 month deadline is applicable.
    5. Any late completions relating to illness must be supported by a medical certificate. These will be assessed entirely at the discretion of AcePace Training & TWLC Limited.
    6. Students will be required to disclose any personal, medical or psychological condition before enrolling, or any situation, handicap or learning disability which might affect the ability to study or complete the course, or to deal with members of the public as a professional therapist.
    7. If the student is unable to attend a session, they are required to contact the tutor and office prior to the start of the lesson to inform them. Failure to do so could infringe upon the completion of the course. This is the responsibility of the student.
  1. Complain Policy
  • If a student is dissatisfied with either the course’s educational provision (other than the award of credit, a mark, or grade) or its support services, the following procedure must be followed.
  • Step 1: Speak to AcePace admin staff and raise your concern
  • Step 2: If you are still not satisfied then please put your complaint in writing to San Kumar on You will receive an acknowledgment report within 10 working days and the complaint will be dealt with within 28 working days.
  • The student should contact the Course Director concerned in writing and explain the nature and grounds of the complaint.
  • The course Director will acknowledge the complaint when received and resolve the complaint informally where possible, and record its outcome, where the issues raised by the student appear capable of effective and fair resolution by informal discussion with the student.
  • If it appears to the course Director that the complaint appears on the face of it to be unjustified, misconceived or vexatious the course Director may write to the student and invite withdrawal of the complaint on such basis with an indication that the complaint will only proceed to an investigation if the student responds in writing and requires the complaint to proceed.
  • In the event of a complaint proceeding formally, the course Director will consider the complaint in consultation with those concerned in the provision of the service e.g. the course tutor, internal assessor, programme manager or other service manager.
  • Where a complaint puts in question a matter of academic performance and/or professional judgment/reputation of the person who is the subject of the complaint he/she shall have a right to put their case to the course Director.
  • The course Director will provide the student with a provisional response in writing as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any case within four weeks of receiving the complaint. The student will be invited to comment in writing within seven days. The course Director will review the provisional response in the light of any observations communicated by the student and then finalize and provide the student with the written response itself within seven days of receiving any observations on the provisional response.
  • If the course Director decides that there is a basis for the complaint, the course Director will seek an equitable resolution of the issue.
  • If a student is expelled, a letter detailing the reasons will be sent to the student. The student will not be entitled to a refund of course fees paid. AcePace Training reserves the right to expel instantly any student contravening our gross misconduct policy.
  1. No allowance for lateness or absenteeism will be made except with prior consent of the Training Centre.
  2. The Training Centre nor the individual teachers are responsible to provide additional teaching hours for Candidates to “catch up” on work missed due to absence or lateness, for any reason.
  3. All course and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. Employer’s guarantee – it is our continued policy in the case of any Candidate who is employed or sponsored by any other organisation, not to openly or directly solicit that Candidate for the purposes of employment, whilst that Candidate is attending the Training Centre course.
  5. Candidates must be English speaking and have good understanding of both written and spoken English.
  6. Minimum age requirement is 18 years of age.
  7. Candidates failing to complete their assignments, practical assessments etc. during the terms of their course will be charged by the hour of any further teaching/supervision/assessment. These sessions will be at the convenience of the Training Centre. Check with the Registration Office for the current rates.


    1. If any Candidate behaves improperly on the Training Centre premises including any form of cheating during an assessment/exam, damages or removes any equipment belonging to the Centre will be asked to leave immediately.



                                         The student is required to respect all copyright conditions.